UFO is the first one, to enable cinema digitization with satellite technology in India. That also makes UFO the largest in-cinema advertising platform, with the power to impact almost 2.1 billion viewers annually through 3,643 screens comprising of 1,847 screens in the PRIME channel and 1,796 screens in the POPULAR channel across 1,227 cities, leading directly into the hearts of India’s Urban Heartland.
In the early 2000s, UFO optimized the potential of Indian cinema with satellite-based technology that transformed Annual Jubilee into Friday box office collections, slow-chain release into First Day - First Show, one blockbuster after another. It has made cinema into an equal experience for the whole country, making it an instant success with the youth that is already teased with pre-release teasers and trailers.
UFO is the end-to-end service provider for all DCI and non-DCI related cinema solutions. As on December 31, 2019, UFO’s global network, along with subsidiaries and associates, spans 5,489 screens worldwide, including 5,279 screens across India and 210 screens across USA and Mexico. UFO has created a pan India, high impact in-cinema advertising platform with generally long-term advertising rights to 3,643 screens, with an aggregate seating capacity of approximately 2.1 billion viewers annually and a reach of 1,227 cities and towns across India, as on December 31, 2019.
UFO’s innovation driven DNA empowers it to use technology and business intelligence to minimize content irrelevance by providing relevant content, to the relevant people, at the relevant time! With the same in mind, it launched NOVA Cinemaz, a purpose driven, asset-light franchisee model under UFO’s subsidiary, Valuable Digital Screens Private Limited (VDSPL). It aims at enabling an environment of content sufficiency to the running cinema infrastructures, as well as to create a one-stop solution to set-up local movie theatres through a standardized model both in terms of infrastructure and experience. Apart from this, the company also has UFO Framez and Caravan Talkies, the former enables small businesses to use the UFO network to reach the local neighbourhood catchment areas while the latter takes brands to rural India while giving brands an opportunity to reach media dark areas.
UFO’s mission is clear - un-biased, undivided, uninterrupted, cinema for all, and in doing so, outshining as the country’s largest cinema influencers.